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[...our foreign policy has created a hatred now erupting in violence aimed at our citizens.]



Come to think of it, I don't believe you have broached the subject... which is a surprise considering the depth of Zionist involvement in the execution and planning thereof, and the fact that PM Bibi literally wrote the book on the War of Terror paradigm adopted by the Bush admin. Now the fact is that Bibi has been proven to be a CIA asset as reported in Isr-eli papers, and George Bush the senior was director of the CIA before becoming President of the USA.

What are your thoughts on the Mossad/CIA operations of 9/11 such as the demolition of the WTC? The above link from takeourworldback.com should get you hip to the latest findings, including military grade nanothermite found in the dust.

"But you won’t, you can’t see these traits as quintessentially Jewish. You wouldn’t dare be particularistic or ethnically conscious"

Maybe they are J-wish traits, but they are certainly not exclusively so. You're missing vital perspective; that is that they are also sociopathic traits, that they exist in all societies, and if vigilance is not practiced to thwart them that the sociopaths rise to positions of power by virtue of their ruthlessness. Which is of course the situation we are in.


You would do well to read the work of Andrew M Lobaczewski, who as a psychology student under state commie ruled Poland(they took over while he was still in school and installed a gibberish speaking state aparatchik in place of his professor!), studied the nature of political evil from the inside. The twisting of the brains is caused by the state values being passed down and turning people into state sociopaths themselves.

Look at East Germany, the people there were happy to spy on their neighbours, even reporting the activities of their family members to the state authorities.

The fact is, you take the J-w out of the sociopathic system, the sociopathy remains and is probably bolstered by the state sanctioned mistreatment. So it doesn't matter a bit who started the rot, there are enough willing handmaidens of corruption to keep it going. The paradigm of "growth", parasitism and corruption is rooted in every chamber of commerce in North America.

Coming at the problem from your perspective is like cutting at one head of a hydra, and I'm sorry to say that this latest article is looking a little simplistic and philosophically uninformed. I hope you can broaden your observations a little.

Regards, anarchore

Patrick Grimm


As a matter of fact, I have addressed the Mossad/CIA operations conducted on 9/11. We are in full agreement on that issue, so there is no point delving into that right now. I'm "hip" to the latest findings, my friend. I have also posted many pieces dealing with 9/11 and Israel's involvement on News From The West where I am a co-editor. In this essay, I was simply addressing the anger felt by the rest of the world because of America's Israeli-written foreign policy. This has provoked hatred and violence in the Muslim world. Just because we know that Israel was squarely behind 9/11 does not change this fact.

I never said that psychopathic traits were "exclusively Jewish." They are not exclusive to Jews, but they are disproportionately centered in the Jewish community. When a corporate raider or a white collar criminal of any kind is arrested, nine times out of ten that individual will be a Jew. When a hard-core pornographer is brought forth on charges, nine times out of ten he will be a Jew. You know it and I know it. Yet you probably would prefer I call such a person a "Zionist" even when this label may or may not be accurate. Do you conduct a background check on each of these criminals and make sure that they are supporters of Israel before labeling them thus? I doubt it. The same goes for another of your terms, that being "Pharisee". It's a word that has no meaning to the majority of your readers, unless they are Christian fundamentalists versed in the New Testament and raised in a conservative church. To the layperson this is a very ineffectual term. In my friendly opinion, this is a sure way to only cut at "one head of the hydra."

Your comments on psychopaths are all well taken. You'll get no argument from me. I have done a bit of research on that topic, though probably not as much as you have. I will continue my research.

The problem, my friend, is not Zionism. Zionism is only a little over a century old. It is the Talmud, Judaism and all the perverse teachings that make up the Jewish mentality. What would explain the Jews' "public relations problems" before Theodor Herzl? You don't deal with that little conundrum.

Anarchore, you misunderstand my writing at times. This essay was not geared towards the scholar, the intellectual or the academic. It was written for the person just barely literate on the subject of Jewish supremacism. Everything I write is not for the same audience. I have done scholarly pieces, essays, diatribes, rejoinders and even poetry. I try to bring both style and substance to my work. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't, but I try to place something unique upon the table. I've have written over 200 articles on the Jewish Question. So you see, my observations don't need to broaden. I have made more observations on the Jews than almost anyone. Perhaps you should read something I have written that is carefully footnoted and worded in a more scholarly tone. You might enjoy it more than an essay written for the novice just finding out the truth about Jewish tribalism.

For the cause,

Frank Fredenburg

Patrick I agree with you. I could be wrong but I think it was Edgar Steele that said: "It's the Jews Stupid"! While anarchore is right that there are psychopaths in every group, Jews clearly have more than any other group. No other ethnic group acts so callous and and indifferent to the rest of the human race as Jews do. They don't have a conscience. Every time there is another financial scam, you can almost bet the farm, that it will be Jews behind it. The organ theft operation, another Jewish scam. Now there is a story about people in Peru being kidnapped and there bodies being melted down and sold to cosmetics companies. If somebody offers you the chance to bet on whether that is also a Jewish crime, it sounds like a sure bet to me. Maybe I will be wrong, but it sounds like it is right up their alley. I'm not the only one wondering about it. I forget where I heard about it. Probably either Curt Maynard or the Incog Man.
I was wondering if you think that Americans are beginning to wake up? I believe they are. Others have told me that they also believe there is an awakening underway. I realize it has a long ways to go but, I think more people are speaking out.


Yeah, Anarchore, I've looked at Communist Poland and Communist Germany, as you suggested, and I saw Jews, Jews, Jews.



"As a matter of fact, I have addressed the Mossad/CIA operations conducted on 9/11. We are in full agreement on that issue, so there is no point delving into that right now. I'm "hip" to the latest findings, my friend. I have also posted many pieces dealing with 9/11 and Israel's involvement on News From The West where I am a co-editor. In this essay, I was simply addressing the anger felt by the rest of the world because of America's Israeli-written foreign policy. This has provoked hatred and violence in the Muslim world. Just because we know that Israel was squarely behind 9/11 does not change this fact."

Sorry about that Patrick... I mistook your 'talking down' to the patriotards as your own views. I even did a search of this site for '911' and '9/11' and did not find anything so that is what I based my assessment on. I should have checked the archive at NewsfromtheWest.

But onto the debate:

I see a lot of lobbies are sharing ad-hoc control over the looting of our countries.

The premier of the Province of BC where I live, is selling off the public trusts to his crony friends. I looked for the J-wish, Zionist connection there but was unable to find it.



Of course the "filthy media Kikes" are supportive of Gordon Campbell, including both Vancouver newspapers that are owned by the Aspers.

But that is only half of the media. The rest of the media are globalists that are behind him as well.

At the Federal level, Harper is in thrall to the Zionist warmongerers, and models himself after Bibi Netanyahu. So they have control over Canada's foreign policy that is for sure.

But there are other lobbies and powers that are at work as well, which seem to be directed and co-ordinated somewhat from the Bilderberg group, that our last 3 PMs were attendees of. Harper attended while he was still opposition leader, now he is the head of the country.

Domestically the pharma- cartels are making big money vaccinating the idiots that are willing to line up for it(if this is an elite eugenics program, there are times that I wish them luck in eradicating the fools that place their trust in the state, and thereby prop up the corruption).

In the USA the energy companies and the arms manufacturers are not owned by J-ws as far as I know, but at least some of the impetus for wars came from them.

So, while the Isr-el Lobby is now controlling the direction of the warship of state, the fact is that the "need" for war is part of the structure of the USA. There has to be justification for the war economy that has been going on since well before 9/11.

Perhaps I have read too much Chomsky?

PS: I see that godaddy is parking your patrickgrimm.com domain. If you renew with them, you could redirect that domain to this site, so http://patrickgrimm.com/ will take them here.


As much as I wish for the world to wake up and send all Jews to Israel I can't see us winning this war. Everyone knows that the Jews control the USA so all this talk of reaching the people with the truth is in vain. Now if you say that gentiles should enter local politics and join their school boards and fight the Jew by becoming politically active then I say yes we can win. Americans are too lazy to get involved to overthrow the Jew. Maybe if we started having large families like Americans use too then we would have a chance but no we are too lazy. So the Jew wins because he gets involved while we watch TV and get fatter and fatter. We have too much and we are self satisfied with our electronics, televisions and foods that we stuff ourselves with. Live out your life in a quiet place like NH or Montana and please those you love and forget the Jew.

brian boru

I'm very glad to see your work back on the net Mr Grimm. How the kikes hated what you wrote! As so many great men of our race have noted, they are the masters of the Big Lie and hate the truth as violently as a vampire hates sunlight. It is interesting to consider this unique group. How did the planet evolve a such a life-form which now threatens the world? It seems that life-bearing planets can get cancer just like individuals. It's ironic that a female kike, Sontag, called the white race the cancer of history. But, then, they are masters of lying, accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of. Some individuals recover from cancer. I wonder will our planet purge this vile, parasitic life-form before it destroys everything? I am sure that there will be no evolution, spiritual, physical or cultural, on our fair world until these disgusting monsters are dealt with permanently. As to whether the general white population is at the point of identifying the source of our woe, I don't see much evidence of it. Certainly, there is general disquiet and worry about what is happening to our countries, economies, culture and civilization as a whole. However, that just seems to be reaction to the increasing economic and social discomfort caused by the kikes' depredations. The jewsmedia works very hard to keep the veil closed and the fear of 'thoughtcrime' acute. There is no guarantee that great suffering will open the minds of the masses to reality either. The 20th Century was a time of continuous kike success and despite the almost unbelievable scale of their crimes the general white population seems to be as unaware now as ever. I am surprised that the internet has not been controlled more tightly, as in Germany and China for example. Perhaps in their arrogance they don't care. The prize they have dreamt of for so long is almost in their grasp. The planet's antibodies need to be stimulated and strengthened and oxygen needs to be pumped into the kike cancer cells. Interesting times indeed.


"This essay was not geared towards the scholar, the intellectual or the academic. It was written for the person just barely literate on the subject of Jewish supremacism. Everything I write is not for the same audience."

I recently encountered an old friend in a food store and took the opportunity of pointing out the jewish tax labels on almost all manufactured food times, and many non-food items stocked in your local grocery outlet. This "Kosher Nostra" tax scam has been operating right under the noses of 99% of all consumers for decades without even a whiff of information about it.

Yes, sometimes it's best to start with basic instructions to the uninitiated and simply point them in the direction of their own kitchen cupboards!


Joe Cortina

Patrick - Your last article was a masterpiece. The brilliance of it was not so much in the content (which was pertinent of course) as it was in the way it was delivered. The ability to IMPART an idea - concept - truth requires MUCH more communicative skill that the assemblage of the material therein. The true master of syntax and he who possesses a working knowledge of human nature is the NECESSARY combination to make another person - a total stranger - react in a positive manner. You gave suggestions and useable information. We indeed have become a fat lazy indifferent race of lemmings. I see no warrior spirit left as there was when I was a very young man. The Jew addresses us a goyem - cattle - and sadly I cannot in honesty accuse him of slander any more. It is one of the very few truths which you will see escape from the lips of these demonic Godless filth.

I have wanted to write something similar - an abbreviated analogous chronicle to Solzenitzyn's 'Warning To The West' which was comprehensive to the 'short attention span' atrophied intellect of the average 'Joe Sixpak'. Try as I might - I do not believe that I could improve on what you said or the way you said it. I do not feel comfortable patronizing people - or even my own sons - so it is a sincere observation.

After MANY years and a LOT of midnight oil burned and a lot of travel and a LOT of experiences where the rubber meets the road - I have reached some inescapable conclusions.

#1 We have become a nation of morons - sadly, immoral ones - greedy ones and mega-hypocrite ones - but nevertheless - MORONS! The situation is so bad that I can no longer clearly distinguish the line between what is salvageable (ignorance) and what is terminal and incurable (STUPIDITY) What is even more frightening is the all too apparent FACT that we not only - no longer cherish and laud knowledge wisdom and learning - but are actually PROUD to be a nation of imbeciles and halfwits!

#2 There is no need (at least for me) for any more indisputable evidence or empirical proof. The evidence is legion in scope and devastating in it's gravity. Not being censured is what the problem is. I am a journalist and until the advent of Jew occupation here - I enjoyed frequent exposure in my local newspaper. I honestly believe that If I had national venue on major broadcasting for even a few days(I have a FLAWLESS IMPECCABLE civic and military record) that if tens of millions of Americans knew what is the TRUTH of the what Jews do in the Mid-East - NO Jew would be safe on the streets of America. JUST my experiences are ugly and horrid and sadistic enough to make 'Jew a dirty word here overnight. The Jew fears TRUTH more than anything. His evil and lies cannot flourish in an atmosphere of the light of truth.

#3 You cannot 'save' a person who is intent on suicide - personal OR national. I have had sad real life experience with that scenario. They will find another gun or another bottle of poison - OR another NFL game or another violent sex filled TV episode to fuel their moral suicide. If my moderately up-scale neighbors - who I may assume with reasonable assurance are reasonably representative of meso-America ('Pleasantville' USA) we are in VERY DEEP SHIT! Americans simply do not care if their country becomes a tyrannical despotic tyranny or if their foolish children become killers or ARE killed for no good reason - as long as we have our cold beer and our tailgate NFL parties. It is not a diversion - it is a shameful SICKNESS! I actually watched this on national Television recently - even as our nation was hemorrhaging to death economically and morally. Some redneck NFL tailgate freak PROUDLY displayed his new NFL T-shirt with the following slogans; FRONT: "NFL FOOTBALL IS NOT JUST A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH" == BACK: " IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT!" This WASN'T SOME DRUNKEN KIDS at a FRAT PARTY. It was a 40ish GROWN MAN with is family!

One small example of my concern that we are now for all intents and purposes nothing more than a morally rotted corpse is as follows. I had for the past FOUR YEARS - flown a very substantive American Flag from my front porch - upside down! When I was only 12 years old - I and every other American kid knew what that meant.

I am a former (from the 60s) Special Forces airborne commander and virtually everyone in my community (been here over TWENTY FIVE YEARS) knew that fact. In ALL of those YEARS - only ONE SOUL bothered to ask me why I did that (as if NO ONE knew that we were murdering HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of totally innocent civilians - MOSTLY CHILDREN - in Iraq and Afghanistan)

My painful conclusion: - I was living among fat lazy ignorant immoral godless morons who could have given a flying rat's ass if the man they had elected as their 'Conscience Of the Nation' was a f---ing WAR CRIMINAL! It just went down hill from there - too painful to even discuss.

But I digress. Patrick - you are indeed a master of the written word - a patriot and amoral knowledgeable man. If we had a thousand more like you - maybe - just maybe - my grandchildren would live in a free nation of what used to be 'GOOD' people.

Joe Cortina

BTW - It really irritated me to see a person who doesn't even have the integrity to post his OWN name resort to arrogant egomania to enhance his own verbal diarrhea. My advice to you Mr.'anarchore no-name - STOP criticising and pontificating on the attributes of your own your own self-inflated ego and do something MEANINGFUL and useful like Patricks superbly effective article.


And what about their kol nidre vow repeated 3times once a year?


I am very glad to see you back Patrick.
Your approach is one of a kind, and I have noticed a bit of a change in your style. Sharper and smoother, but not at all watered down. Actually, it's even more effective, and that's saying plenty.

I was wondering what you think of websites like The Occidental Observer, and Quarterly. Any opinion? I'd be interested to know.

Again, great to see you back.


Joe, no one is above criticism, not even I, and you are probably right about me. We are all just primates screeching from one tree to another. Thank you for acknowledging my shrieks.

Nonetheless, I found this article was inferior to Patrick's much clearer pieces like The Machine. I appreciate his wanting to try different styles but this one was a step backwards. Talking down to the 'average Joe' by reinforcing the war on terror myth and trying to appeal to some dormant bigotry doesn't work because it isn't true, not for me at any rate.

All the Jews I've met have been fine people, usually smart and funny too. Of course I haven't hung out with the AIPAC crowd. Stop the simplistic bigotry. Yes there are bad Jews in high positions and maybe Judaism itself encourages this. But...

You can say everything you want about group survival strategies or Talmud or whatever but Patrick, you go awry when you assume that people will suddenly realize that all Jews are evil because that just isn't the experience of most people. The ADL's own surveys on 'antisemitism' in America confirm this.

Organized Jewry as represented by the Zionist movement(with splinters like neocons, Chabad Lubbovitch, etc) at this point in time is something real that people can see, and it is this that we must keep our unwavering sights on, avoiding the appeal to generalized bigotry of the slop heads: http://www.subvertednation.net/



About Gordon Campbell etc: one quick glance at the list of insiders revealed at least one Jew, Elisha McCallum (née Moreno). If I had time I'm sure I'd find that half of them are Jews, have Jewish partners or Jewish family. Equally relevant is Freemasonry, which is Noachidism, i.e. submission to Jewry.

Re: "Organized Jewry as represented by the Zionist movement(with splinters like neocons, Chabad Lubbovitch, etc) at this point in time is something real that people can see, and it is this that we must keep our unwavering sights on, avoiding the appeal to generalized bigotry"

And where do these Zionists and Lubavitchers get their inspiration and support from?

I suppose it's just a accident that in Russia the majority of the Feb. Revolutionaries were Freemasons (9/10ths) and the majority of Oct. Revolutionaries (2/3-3/4) were Jews.

I suppose it's just a coincidence that legislatures, schools, media etc are overwhelmingly run by Jews or conform to the wishes of those you say don't represent most Jews.

Let me know when you see a Jewish rally outside the White House condemning ADL-Chabad-Etc as traitors to America, or outside Stephen Harpers office demanding that he ignore organized Jewry and just do what is best for Canadians and screw Israel.



Quick look into BC > Gordon Campbell > Plutonic > " Construction services for the 196 MW run of river project is overseen by Peter Kiewit Inc. a subsidiary of the Kiewit Corporation and will produce 745 GWh/a of electricity and at an approximate cost of $660,000,000" > Kiewit Corp. CEO Grewcock > Jewish "charity" launders Kiewet profits:

Kiwet contriputes to most Jewish causes, for tax-write-off, meaning the tax-payers are supporting the Jews Grewcock favours.

And so on and so on.

Now you'll dismiss this as all petty. We're talking about muti-millions of donations.

You wrote, "The premier of the Province of BC where I live, is selling off the public trusts to his crony friends. I looked for the J-wish, Zionist connection there but was unable to find it."

What do expect, that people getting contracts and offering kickbacks are going to wear "star of David" t-shirts, video their meetings, hand over wads of cash on live TV, and say into the microphone: "Be sure to use this to enslave the goyim"?

Billl in Ohio

"I've never seen a President, stand up to the Israelis.
They always get what they want.
If the American people understood what a grip these people have on our government, they would Rise up in Arms. Our citizens don't have any idea what goes on."
- Admiral Thomas Moorer
Former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff under Reagan

"Its hard to imagine us going into Iraq without the strong lobbying efforts from AIPAC & the Neocons"
-General Odom, NSA Chief under Reagan

Patrick Grimm


I have never written that all Jews are uniformly evil. When I use the term "the Jews", a term I have clearly explained in the past as applying to Jewish extremists and haters and not every Jewish person on planet earth, my readers should be fairly clear on what I mean. I don't clutter every sentence with "Jewish tribalists", "Jewish supremacists" or "Jewish extremists." Sometimes repetitious specificity can become a bit clunky and unreadable. Does every mention of Jews need to be broken down to avoid offending? I don't think so. Not if someone has actually read some of my work. No one who truly knows my stand on these issues (or who knows me personally, for that matter) would ever believe that I hate Jews, and they would be right. I fact, I have been accused by some of being too soft on Jews. You can't please everybody and I quit trying to do that a long time ago.

So all the Jews you have met in your entire life have been "fine people" and "funny and smart too"? Really? Well, some of us have had different experiences. I have met some fine, funny and smart Jews, but I have also met those Jews who are parasitical in their behavior, grasping, stingy, deceitful and yes, they DO want a free handout and something for nothing. They feel they are entitled to special treatment because they believe themselves superior to non-Jews. I suppose I need to sweep those experiences under the rug and try not to be stereotypical. Otherwise, I am appealing to the "bigotry" of Joe Six Pack. Nonsense.

The "war on terror" as you call it, is a myth created by the Jewish neo-cons. I thought we had already been over this territory. I simply said that the Muslim world is angry over America's Israel-First foreign policy and that this has led to hatred and occasionally violence. Care to dispute that? Israel's involvement in 9/11 doesn't change that reality.

I don't mind your criticism. I'm not above it. But I will pipe up and let you know when I think it's off target. I believe this to be one of those times. You don't like the essay. That's cool. I like some of my articles more than others too.



Patrick-The problem is it IS ALL JEWS. Here's why.

There may be "some" jews that have half a concious, and pretend to be a self hating jew, or hate Israel, Zionism etc, but when the "revolution" comes of their host nation, they know whats going on and quickly join their "comrades". For this reason, NO JEW CAN BE TRUSTED- PERIOD. Ask the white Eastern Europeans what happened to their friendly jewish neighbours when the commies rode through town!
The same will be done in America when the economy falls as PLANNED, the jews start race wars and flame them through the media.

People need to wake the hell up and understand that America, and many other nations have been SUBVERTED with the ultimate goal of creating world anger towards both America and Israel, a world war, followed by world revolution (jews taking full physical control) then "peace" and a New World Order where those that survive the chaos will lick their jewish masters feet.

Jews laugh at all of you out there struggling to figure out the truth, they laugh knowing they have screwed with your heads you don't know what is up or down.

I know it's tough, its like being born.....but please people, hurry up!

Check out www.subvertednation.net


In times of peace and prosperity there a good jews and bad, zionist jews, atheistic jews, jews for jesus, anti-zionist "true torah" jews, etc. But when crisis erupts jews always revert back to their instinctual tribalism. Jewish culture and ethnicity is derived from judaism and judaism is a religion based on race.

They know they are different than us. Why do you think they call themselves jews and the rest of humanity gentiles?


So, is it safe to say that there's really only one war on this earth? And that's the war between Jews and Gentiles?



Re "Is it safe to say that there's really only one war on this earth? And that's the war between Jews and Gentiles?":

It is not safe to say so, but it is true.


Please read the "Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion" here in modern english http://www.iamthewitness.com/Protocols-in-Modern-English.htm

A one page summary…

Goyim are mentally inferior to Jews and can’t run their nations properly. For their sake and ours, we need to abolish their governments and replace them with a single government. This will take a long time and involve much bloodshed, but it’s for a good cause. Here’s what we’ll need to do:

Place our agents and helpers everywhere
Take control of the media and use it in propaganda for our plans
Start fights between different races, classes and religions
Use bribery, threats and blackmail to get our way
Use Freemasonic Lodges to attract potential public officials
Appeal to successful people’s egos
Appoint puppet leaders who can be controlled by blackmail
Replace royal rule with socialist rule, then communism, then despotism
Abolish all rights and freedoms, except the right of force by us
Sacrifice people (including Jews sometimes) when necessary
Eliminate religion; replace it with science and materialism
Control the education system to spread deception and destroy intellect
Rewrite history to our benefit
Create entertaining distractions
Corrupt minds with filth and perversion
Encourage people to spy on one another
Keep the masses in poverty and perpetual labor
Take possession of all wealth, property and (especially) gold
Use gold to manipulate the markets, cause depressions etc.
Introduce a progressive tax on wealth
Replace sound investment with speculation
Make long-term interest-bearing loans to governments
Give bad advice to governments and everyone else

Eventually the Goyim will be so angry with their governments (because we’ll blame them for the resulting mess) that they’ll gladly have us take over. We will then appoint a descendant of David to be king of the world, and the remaining Goyim will bow down and sing his praises. Everyone will live in peace and obedient order under his glorious rule.

Jews will always say that the Protocols are a "fake" or "forgery" but why listen to them? Read it yourself and look back over the last 100 years of history to see they have completed about 90+% of what they set out to do. Why listen to any jew? Take all the pieces and put everything together in your own head.

Jews often get people to fight their wars for them, usually very gulible and naive Americans who are taught that jews are "special" or "The chosen ones". Its all a mind *uck. There is nothing special about them, they are like snake oil salesmen that love to kill.

Im waiting for real Americans, and Europeans and Australian/New Zealanders to figure out who is running the show, and who has SUBVERTED their nations. It's going to be a hell of an awakening! Its happening, and there is nothing jews can do to stop it, as trying to stop it just brings more attention, and more people to the battle.

Turn OFF the tv.

For the people of African decent out there looking for answers, you might like to try www.devsamaeldaval.com you will find that the Jew has NEVER been your friend.

All races need to UNITE against their own one true common enemy.


“It is the truth, and when you finally connect the dots you will never be fooled again.”

Excellent wake up call article, Patrick. Thank you.

However, I think we are, for argument’s sake, say, 100 million White people short of a solution.

Will Chinese be coming to the rescue? Mexicans? Arabs? Koreans? Indians? Pakistanis? Cubans? Japanese? Negroes? Malaysians? Brazilians? Eskimos? Martians?

I don’t think so.

And before our jewish friend “anarchore” tries smearing me as a racist, I have no problem with Chinese in China, Mexicans in Mexico, Arabs in Arabia, Koreans in Korea, Indians in India, Pakistanis in Pakistan, etc etc etc. Hell, I may not even have a problem with AshkeNazi "jews" in Khazaria. Maybe.

And no, I won’t be crying any jewish crocodile tears for the American Indian / Canadian Indian / Mexican / Negro / Australian aborigines, etc, of hundreds of years ago either. Sorry.

I’m all out of jew induced White guilt.

And foul skanks such as the hater Sontag can try smearing my race as a “cancer” every day of the week. I’m not buying.

Want a breath of fresh air? Want the jew stench out of your home? Want to begin removing the jew cancer from your mind? Unplug their TV, toss it in the dumpster; be comfortable in the knowledge that it will be right at home amongst the other trash out at the garbage dump.

Got a couple hours to kill? At a loose end? Thinking of taking in a movie? The exact same sly, subversive anti-White jew poison you just removed from your life by tossing their TV propaganda machine in the trash, is being poured into your mind from the movie screen as well. Sorry. That is the truth, like it or not. If you continue to subject yourself to jew mind-programming out of Hollywood, you may as well go rescue their TV set from it’s muddy hole in the ground.

Waking up is a strange thing, Patrick. That’s for sure. Realizing one has been lied to throughout your entire life is difficult to comprehend at first. Had it not been for Lucky Larry fudging his jewish lightning trick with WTC Building 7 on 9/11, I may still be in the dark.

Or, to be exact, had it not been for Lucky Larry’s screw up AND the advent of the internet to get the message out under the jew world order black out of Truth over the past 100 or so years.

When you consider just how many years they put into the planning of 9/11, such as the first WTC “bombing” that was the initial set up to finger Muslims, you can be sure that there are other even worse atrocities well advanced on the planning board in Tel Aviv. Which may explain why these Mossad-front mall carts are in shopping malls all around the Western world.

I could go on, as could we all, though often it feels like preaching to the choir, Patrick. Will we find 100 million Whites waking up? 50 million? 10?

I'd like to think so.

Lone Wolf

IMO, the key to why conservatives (and liberals to a lesser extent) are blocked from seeing the malevolent nature of jews because they have been hoodwinked by judeo-christian wolves-in-sheeps-clothing into believing that the so-called "jews" are the descendants of the Israelites, and therefore "God's chosen."

In reality, the so-called "jews" are a synagogue of Satan.

"I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Judahites, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." -Rev 2:9

Talmudic Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament, but has its origin in Babylonian occultism (which is why the official title of the Talmud is the "Babylonian Talmud"). The religion known as "judaism" is, in fact, hardcore Satanism.

True "Christianity" is absolutely anti-jewish, or using the misnomer, "anti-semitic." For example, the Messiah, "Jesus", castigated the Jewish Pharisees as 'sons of the devil', overturned the money changers' tables, etc. And he was murdered by them for it. And the early church right down to Martin Luther (not the negro, but of the Protestant revolution) was steadfastly anti-jewish.

Then, of course, the other main reason why people do not see the danger of Jewish influence is the Holohoax propaganda.


Patrick, most of my contacts with J-ws has been in my youth. I am of the opinion that young people are generally the most pure of heart and motive, so perhaps I need to try to go into business with some cravat-wearing old cronies at the chamber of commerce, and have them steal my money.

Akira, how did you find that information on our noble Premier?

Whatever, their religion is whoreship in devotion to the dollar and to Isr-el.

The J-ws run most of the media, most of Hollywood, AIPAC controls the US Congress by all accounts. They helped plan and execute 9/11.

No "whitefella" I am not "Jewish", are you against the principle that logical thinking take precedence over emotionalism and triblalist groupthink?

"And no, I won’t be crying any jewish crocodile tears for the American Indian / Canadian Indian / Mexican / Negro / Australian aborigines, etc, of hundreds of years ago either. Sorry."

There's your American attitude at work again.

How about a few decades ago(and ongoing)? If you did cry some tears for your fellow human beings, you might not have had School of the Americas exporting your terrorist laced "democracy" into South and Central America, where you helped create the impoverished hordes that are now flooding into your country... and then when you wake up to your slavery the barbarism you turned a blind eye to is just OK and you want more of the same? The USA is dying, you killed it and I say good riddance to your Military Industrial Complex, your wars, black ops, torture, and your general disrespect for other countries and cultures.

Don't take the Protocols as your bible. It's interesting but in the end it's a fools errand. Some dummies out there are even using it as a philosophical justification for fascism, because it repeatedly states that despotism is the last thing saving the Goyim! It diabolically and deceptively deals a backhand blow to ideals of 'liberty, equality, and fraternity', by tricking the reader into thinking the "Elders of Zion" had come up with it.



Anarchore- The Protocols are "Interesting"?....I think you need to re-read it. Maybe you missed a little bit in there. Also, the people of the USA are basically the only people left standing in the way of TOTAL WORLD JEWISH DOMINATION by force. Hating the USA and slamming the people there is signing your own death warrant. The people of the USA have been the most heavily propagandized nation EVER. Yes, they are slow at seeing what the problem is, and they have even helped in their own destruction, and certainly have helped the JEWS destroy many free nations under the guise of spreading "Democracy".

Those days are COMING TO AN END.

As Americans wake from their slumber, they will be extremely pissed off at a bunch of jews running their country into the ground, and trying to DISARM THEM. That will be the tipping point. Americans know ANYONE that tries to take their guns is THE ENEMY.
The Protocols are VERY IMPORTANT in understanding the massive web the jews have created to fulfill what they set out to do. Kick over a rock and there they are.

Americans do have the chance to "save the world", that would be waking up and getting ANGRY at the monster that is trying to enslave them, and the entire world. It's not MUSLIMS creating all these problems. Everywhere people turn, there is the jew telling them what to think, and the way things are. Once people realize that, there is no turning back.

You sure sound like a jew the way you talk, because everything you say directly benefits the jew. You need to rethink what you say and understand that Americans have a great chance to do the right thing. YOU SHOULD BE ENCOURAGING THEM and educating them!

I think the jews GREATLY underestimated Americans. They are about to get bitch slapped hard. It will make the 100+ exiles in the past seem like a birthday party!

It wasn't "Americans" that came down to slaughter South Americans, it was the Jewish run CIA etc. Americans have remained indifferent because their life was good, and they were told they were freeing people. It's all coming out. Why do you think the suicide rates are so high in the US military? Because Americans are learning they ARE ON THE WRONG TEAM, that is, the jews team. It is absolutely gut wrenching for most people to realize they have "helped" the jew gain all the power they have, which, will be used to enslave them in the future.

Americans do not take any $hit. When things go bad, they will get out their guns and start shooting anyone that tries to control them. Jews have been successful at controlling Americans mentally and economically, but when it comes to physically, it will be all over for the jew. No amount of false flag attacks by jews will sway Americans minds from WHO is trying to Disarm them. Americans will not bow to the UN either.

Do jews seriously believe they can do another false flag like nuke a US city, then turn around and say for the sake of national security WE are taking away your freedom and your guns?!

I for one would NOT want to be a jew in America today, or any western nation for that matter. Next false flag attack, and everyone will look at the jew, no matter what the media says.

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