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Black Dak

Incredible analysis. And spot on the money. The jewish problem is something that has to be dealth with again. The American Freemen cannot achieve their just liberty without addressing this cancer.

Keep it coming! There are enough angry men with rifles in this nation to do the job TODAY. All we have to do is gather them.


Patrick, I'm glad to have found your site again.

I look forward to reading more of your work, which I have admired in the past.


And if war must come, then let it come against these
monsters against all Humanity.

Indeed Patrick.


Levites? The Jews were never Levites, A yehuwdiy is a slave of Judah, a subject of the land belonging to Judah, "Jew" is a derogatory term from the Chaldean 'yehuwdiy', it never has meant and actualy decendant of Judah, you cannot be a slave of Judah if you are an actual decendant. The orginal mane is given in Chaldean because that was the language of the "Jews" who dwelt in Elath (II Kings 16:6) and were conquered by David and became subjects of the state of Judah.

The Ten Commandments were never given to the "Jews", a Jew is a subject of the land of Judah! The Ten Commandments were given at Mount Sinai to the children of Israel, at this time the yehuwdiy (Jews), of course would have been in Edom.


Very, Very Impressive.


Spot on Patrick! also people, check out www.subvertednation.net for more gut ripping truth. All races must united against the jew.


Read the protocols and make your judgement, anti-semitism is purely a smokescreen for this satanic cult.


Read it and see if this centuries old plan is being realised

Lone Wolf

I just found this site via Curt Maynard's blog. Great to see your new blog. Keep the articles coming, fighting the good fight!

Excellent article. I would respectfully disagree, however, in that the so-called "Jews" are NOT the descendants of the ancient Israelites. They are not racial descendants of Judah, and hence Judahites. They are impostors, descendants of Esau and the Khazars.


Way to go, Patrick.... I have been looking for you blog site for some time now, and now that I too have found it, I will be paying close attention to your fabulous articles!


I sent a comment a few days ago greeting your return and somehow it didn't make it through. There are a handful who grasp our dear Talmudists and there are many who write well. There are few who do both!


if their be trouble i pray that it will be in my day so that my children may have piece.
that is some very good writting patrick.

Noor al Haqiqa

I hope you do not mind, this piece with appropriate credits is now posted on my blog. Snippits and Snappits.

Sometimes I wonder who will be left to deal with these critters ~ they have revived Pazuzu and he is running rife with his airborne plagues.

It is my prayer that people catch on. However Patrick, I have a feeling that, with your marvelous vocabulary and flare for language, that you message will not hit the substrata of society that so urgently needs to hear it.


Bible is a book written by Jews - so naturally, its G-d will promise Palestine to Jews - but then the great majority of current Jews are not children of Israelite (Hebrew people but Khazarian Turks who converted to Judaism during the 10th century. The state of Israel in the past lasted for 40 years after the death of King Solomon. It was destroyed by the Babylonians.

"When you read the history of Israel from objective sources, you discover that it is an outlaw state, created by the powers that be by stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and systematically exterminating them ever since." —John Kaminski

Israel – Occupation based on myths

Captain Obvious

I found this article through HAZE's "Antisupremacy" blog, which I found through Noor al Haqiqa's "Snippets and Snappits" blog, which I found through a Google search for "Neturei Karta." I was interested in Neturei Karta because, coming from a Jewish family, I was glad to see Jewish opposition to Israel, a hastily slapped together nation whose existence has caused unjustifiable harm.

It's true that Israel has been given carte blanche for too long by the mainstream American media. Much of this article, however, strays too far into generalization. I'm not actively religious, and I'm not a religious scholar, so my experience with Jews is limited to my family and a few of my friends. I hope it doesn't disappoint you that none of them fit your description (I see more similarities to some non-Jews I know). What you have done here is compile a list of the most negative traits of a culture (I haven't fact checked them, and I don't plan to. Anyhow, it's ironic that you criticize Jews for taking too much credit for cultural achievements and then blame them for the achievement of developing the Method form of acting. Thanks? For the compliment?). Anyone can pick a religion, culture, etc, and list some negative aspects of it, whether they are real or imagined. But I have to admit, despite your failures in logic, it is frightening to know that people like you are eloquent enough to persuade the simple minded. You are quite the rhetorician.

Jews are not only less evil than you imagine, but less powerful as well. Slowly, American opinion is turning towards the Palestinians and away from Israel. Following a Jewish organ trafficking scandal in Long Island last summer, CNN did a report on organ trafficking in Israel. Even if they are not able to actually do anything about it, every major media outlet in the United States has criticized Israel's recent invasions of Gaza and Lebanon, as well as Obama's failure to prevent Israel from expanding settlements. I also saw a great documentary on PBS about the abuses the Israeli government commits against hardworking Palestinian migrant workers who look for work at Israeli construction sites (filmed by Israelis, no less). This change of opinion happens slowly, though, as you would expect from a nation of 300 million people.

You mention Jews taking comfort in the preservation of their culture. That's something I'd expect any religious or ethnic group to do, regardless of anyone else's opinion of that group. No group should be denied its heritage, be it Jews, Palestinians, or Muslim immigrants to Switzerland.

You criticize "Jewish justice." Yes, every idea of "justice" is flawed, since the meaning of "justice" is subjective. We will all have to do our best to approximate the ideal.

You also mention Jews using the Nazi holocaust as an excuse for some actions you disapprove of. Although the creation of the modern state of Israel has not turned out well, the aftermath of WWII surely affected the judgement of European Jews as they fled for their lives to Israel, just as the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the West Bank affects the minds of people who fire missiles at Israeli elementary schools. That's why so many people feel ambivalent about the conflict. It's impossible to agree with either side's hostility, but it's easy to see why they behave the way they do: the limits of their endurance have been pushed to the max and they are susceptible to falling into a nihilistic rage.

It's also interesting that the Cambodians, the Vietnamese, the Native Americans, and other groups that have suffered their own holocausts don't use them as an excuse for anything.

But while examining the failures of Israel, let's not forget the mistakes of others, as well. "I am Israel," a video on "Antisupremacy," mentions the "millions of Palestinian refugees in the shanty camps of Lebanon and Jordan." Lebanon and Jordan do not treat Palestinians much better than Israel does. Egypt is now building a border fence that will extend underground, cutting off the tunnels Palestinians rely on for food, medicine, and other essentials. There is plenty of blame to go around for the Palestinians' suffering .

The only place I've seen Palestinians living comfortably is the United States (although that's where I've lived my whole life, so that should be no surprise).

I'm not a scholar of religion or history. The only Jews I can tell you about with any authority are the ones I know personally. No religious, ethnic, or any other group is beyond criticism, but the holes in your argument against the "Jew of the World" (Funny title. Who is not of the world?) include people who I know personally, who do not fit your description, and whose existence proves you wrong.
There are many bad people of Jewish origin, just as there are many bad people of Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, deist, and all other origins. Who, in your mind, best represents the evils of Jewry? Who is the quintessential "Jew of the World?


Excellent article , very well said .
Spread far and wide the truth about ZOG's latest attempt , to hoodwink White America again . This must become an awakening for the sleepy ones ;

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I really like this blog, It's always nice when you can not only be informed, but also get knowledge, from these type of blog.. Thanks


Excellent essay, Patrick. You are doing God's work.


wow you people are as closed minded as it gets. there is literally no religion except possibly buddhism , that at one time or another committed genocide. Jews are absolutely no different then all of you, and until al of the people like you opinions' change it will not stop.


as far as Jews are concern their religion says that a Messiah will come to them and will take them to heights, the Messiah came and went they didn't believed in him The messiah was Mohammed However the practicing Jews still do not Believe in Israel as a country or give any value to it. they say when the messiah will come then only they will fight. but those practicing this are very few in number almost negligible

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I have been looking for you blog site for some time now, and now that I too have found it


Excellent article. I would respectfully disagree, however, in that the so-called "Jews"

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